2019 WICT Greater Philadelphia Mentoring Circles

Mentee Applications Due March 22, 2019
Fill out the application form here.

What will the next level be for you? Join us to grow, network and strengthen.  We are now accepting applications for the 2019 Mentoring Circles Program.

  • Groups of 10-12 mentees will be paired with 2 mentors for a structured mentoring program that will help mentees achieve a variety of individual development goals and objectives.
  • This award–recognized program gives mentees structure and support to steer their professional and personal development down the path they choose.
Applicants must:
  • Work in the cable telecommunications industry
  • Be a current WICT Greater Philadelphia member
  • Exhibit a level of knowledge, skill and professionalism
  • Have willingness to engage, share and learn
  • Create clear goals for mentorship, consistent with workplace excellence
  • Have the ability to dedicate the time required to be a mentee, including monthly circle meetings via telephone or in-person, attending a kick-off meeting May 6th, Midpoint meeting September 18th and Graduation session on December 11th, each at Comcast in Philadelphia.

Mentoring Circles – Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Mentoring Circle? 
A Mentoring Circle is designed to allow two mentors to work with multiple mentees. Presentations, delivered by professional coaches and industry leaders, are targeted at rising and new leaders and support the WICT Leadership Touchstones. The relationship between a mentor and mentee fosters the development of the mentee by sharing knowledge, expertise, values, skills and perspectives. Mentoring Circles afford the mentees the opportunity to network with other individuals as well as learn from their peers. It also allows mentees to build skills, knowledge and achieve their development goals, while it provides the opportunity for mentors to further enhance their skill sets as coaches and as advisors.

Do I have to be a member of WICT to participate? 
Yes. To join online visit

What is the time commitment? 
Mentees and mentors can anticipate a time commitment of approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours per month. Mentoring sessions are held every month from May to November and typically are 1 ½ hours in length. The formal sessions include: Kick Off May 6th, Midpoint September 18th and Graduation December 12th.

Do I have to complete assignments outside of the mentoring sessions? 
Yes. Mentees are each paired with an accountability partner (a fellow mentee) and asked to continue their development and self-assessment between sessions. Mentees are also asked to provide feedback and complete self-reflection activities before and after mentoring sessions. Mentors will be asked to prepare the on-site, self-guided portion of the monthly mentoring sessions using content/framework provided to them in advance.  The curriculum this year is based on the best-selling book: Spark: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success.

Do I have to attend all of the sessions? 
Mentors and mentee are asked to attend all sessions in order to build the relationships within the Circle and gain the full benefit of the program.

Is this real development? 
Mentoring is a proven method for facilitating development by sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise. Mentors and mentees realize actual development if they commit to attending sessions and proactively manage their development.

How are mentors and mentees selected? 
The Mentoring Program committee will select 1 to 2 mentors per circle and up to 10 mentees per circle. Mentors will be selected with consideration to their ability to facilitate group discussions and commitment to developing others.

I would like to participate in the Mentoring Circle Program, what are my next steps? 
First, be sure you are a member of WICT. If you’re not a current WICT member, please visit to join. You must be a member to participate. Second, apply online. Applications can be found here and must be received by March 22, 2019.  The fee to participate is $75.

Interested in serving as a mentor?  
The 2019 co-chairs, Mary Eldridge and Whitney Behm, will be reaching out to confirm interest in participating again this year.  If this is your first time serving as a mentor, please email us to confirm your interest.

For more information please contact:

Name: Mary Eldridge, Mentorship Director

Name: Whitney Behm, Mentorship Director

Name: Shannon Cassidy, Mentorship Facilitator