I went into EDS: Leading with Power and Authenticity expecting to meet some phenomenal women and gain some insight into being a better leader. Well, that happened in a huge way.

The seminar was so much more than sitting in a room and following along with presentations. We spent two and a half very interactive days discussing professional—and personal—growth and how a balance of both are paramount to achieving success at home and in the workplace.

The connections I made at the seminar were valuable too. Elaine and Lindsay of the Yarborough Group facilitated a couple of very productive days, and I left feeling refreshed and enthusiastic about applying my newly discovered skills to my life and career. Elaine and Lindsay, as well as the 25+ women attending the EDS were open to keeping in contact after the seminar in order to hold each other accountable to the goals we set for ourselves on our last day.

The observations I made while at the seminar are going to be a huge asset for me as I take on different roles within my company and across the cable industry. As a woman in a male dominated field, I learned that it’s critical for me to embrace polarities. While traditionally “masculine” traits are often prized in the workplace, it’s also essential to leverage and promote the very effective characteristics conventionally referred to as “feminine,” including cooperation, inclusiveness, and authenticity.

Event Recap by Ambika Sahni

What an amazing experience – likely one of the best leadership programs I’ve ever had the opportunity to attend.  Elaine and Lindsay led an inspirational and powerful session and provided a very moving, reflective and trusting environment that afforded me tremendous insight into my own unique talents, leadership power and ultimate potential.  The privilege of meeting and networking with a remarkable group of women also afforded us the ability to share many valuable experiences in both our personal and professional lives and  support and guide each other through our challenges and triumphs. Incredibly re-newing!

Event Recap by Christina Katsapis