The February 23rd WICT networking event was a very special one.  This particular WICT event had no guest speaker, it was organized differently, but, was still made for a very informative evening.  At the same time everyone had an opportunity to voice their questions and concerns proving this networking event to be a very productive one.

As this event was in collaboration with Comcast and held at the Comcast Center, I was excited to attend.  This networking event was different than traditional networking, it was structured in the form of a speed-networking event,  the fast paced nature made it remarkable.  Everyone chose a table where everyone got to know each other before a guest rotated from another table with an introduction, questions and or advice.

There is minimal time for small talk during speed networking, as all five of us at the table had a pre-determined amount of time to meet with each guest speaker before moving onto the next one. When meeting a guest there was time to expand upon your conversation, but, you also needed to keep a goal in mind with a clear message about what you wanted to say.  In my experience everyone had a great introduction which often included an open ended question. The most memorable question was “Tell us about a humorous moment that happened to you at work and what you learnt from it.”

As all five women at the table were looking to expand their career and found value in the question, we decided to share it amongst ourselves and all of our guests as they rotated to our table.  I met Jodi Teitelman during the event who shared some insightful recruitment tips and gave a glimpse of her company QVC.  I’m now looking forward to taking a QVC studio tour.

Most importantly, we had fun! This was an exciting opportunity to make new connections in a structured environment.

Overall, I had an incredible night thanks to WICT. What I really enjoyed was the mixed crowd of professionals and thought provoking questions. I felt that anyone, regardless of their career stage  had really liked this event and I look forward to more events with WICT in the future.

Event Recap by Marianna Kind