Attending my first WICT event was nothing short of inspiring. The event was held at The Logan Hotel in a beautiful reception space with a delightful breakfast spread. Gail Evans was the Key Note speaker of the event. Her book, Play like a Man, Win like a Woman,talks about the relationships between women, men, and work.  Evans is a fantastic speaker that held the whole room’s attention through her words.

Evans started with pointing out the layout of how each woman sat in the room. She has noticed a pattern that women tend to first sit in the middle of the room and when these seats are all filled, women typically fill the back rows rather than the front of the room. This introduction was the first piece of advice I took to heart and her speech didn’t even start yet. I myself sat in the back, I may have done so subconsciously trying to not stick out. She later went on that men do the same thing as the women, they first take the middle seats but contrary to the women once all those are taken they fill up the front of the room. Seating in the front makes the person face-to-face with the speaker and the organizers of the event, so seating in the front is a great place to get noticed by the right people. Just like she stated, being submissive or passive does not get anyone anywhere. But being confident with every action taken is what gets people noticed in positive ways.

I greatly appreciate anyone speaking out on their experiences and expertise that they acquired on their journeys. As one of the first high ups woman in media, Evans went through being undermined by a lot of the men around her. She channeled that feeling and made sure to go above and beyond in her professional career and is now a role model for all women.

Her words spoke a lot to me. As someone who is just starting her career, I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to hear Gail Evans speak. The main thing I took away is to not be afraid. Speaking up and going for what I want can only be positive building blocks onto a career. Even if I am not 100% certain of myself and end up being wrong or not getting that promotion, I at least learned something from the experience. Overall this event was incredible, and I am excited to attend more in the future!