Continuing my learning and networking journey

Back in early September, I applied for a scholarship to attend a WICT Executive Development Series (EDS) course.  Being relatively new to Comcast and WICT, I looked at this as excellent way to build upon my existing network while continuing to focus on my personal commitment to participate in and contribute to organizations, which sponsor professional development programs and support professional networking for women to aid in their career advancement.  To my great surprise the Philadelphia WICT Chapter selected me to be the recipient of a scholarship for the Executive Development Series (EDS): Leading with Power and Authenticity. The course was held from November 14 – 16, 2018 in Carlsbad, CA.

The goals of the course (Re-member, Re-new, Re-connect, Re-establish, Re-view, and Re-ground) were not only relevant, but embodied throughout the content and discussions we had. The time spent on introspection and personal discovery over the two and one-half days was empowering from both a personal and professional perspective. The output of this effort was a primary input for each of us in documenting our life’s journey as women and key role that balance plays in our lives.  As a final exercise, each of us prepared a leadership plan with specific goals for the next six months.  I am already tracking progress against my plan.

I am grateful to WICT not only for this learning opportunity, but the new cadre of women who I added to my professional network. Thank you!

Event recap by Lynn Mueller