I was fortunate enough to be given a scholarship to attend this year’s WiCT Leadership Conference. When I first arrived for registration for the event, little did I know the incredible learning experience I was about to embark on, as well as the incredible networking opportunities. The sessions and speakers were inspiring, informative, and transformative. However, it was the connections and networking that were the most pleasant and rewarding surprise.

I have been to a handful of conferences and networking events, and I have never felt such camaraderie in one room as I did when I attend the Leadership Conference this year. Everywhere I went, I was running into friendly faces who were ready and happy to connect and network. I ran into some fellow coworkers from Comcast, and it was a breeze to stand around a table at each breakfast event and chat with women from across the country. Everybody I spoke to was friendly and engaged, looking to compare notes on various breakout sessions or chat about industry news. It was one of the easiest places to network that I have ever been, and it helped boost my confidence and skills as a result.

The breakout sessions were informative and relevant. It was wonderful to hear to hear not only from cable industry leaders, but also women who are leaders in their own fields. One of the best sessions I attended was “Win The Room: An Insider’s Guide to Confident & Compelling Communication”. The speaker not only had great points, but he was able to break down the different components of confident public speaking and written communication. He had small, concrete action items that are easy to understand, practice and master.

Overall, I feel that the Leadership Conference was an amazing experience. I learned so much, cultivated new connections, and grew as a professional. I would highly recommend attending this conference to anybody who is considering future iterations. The value that it brings on a professional level is unparalleled. I cannot thank the Philadelphia WiCT chapter enough for this scholarship and the opportunity to attend the conference.

Blog written by Meghan Horn