Lunch & Learn: Branding with Marge Jackson, an interactive conversation focused on developing your leadership skills and personal brand.

WICT Lunch and Learn with Marge Jackson. This event was sold out for one main reason and her name is Marge Jackson. Marge Jackson exemplifies how important it is to know your personal value and your brand. She opens with building and selling your brand by knowing your game; making a memorable impression and writing your own story. Marge Jacksondoes an excellent job of demonstrating clear and actionable strategies for how to present your brand in the most impactful way. I gained some great insights on personal branding that I can immediately implement to enhance my professional career.

Charon Harris

“Let’s Get It Started” was the mantra you heard, and energy you felt when Marge entered the room, she captured our attention, her executive presence was evident.  Executive presence at is foundation, is the way you affect the people around you. It is part of your personal brand.  Marge stood out amongst the crowd, you have 15 seconds to tell your story, your name, your journey.  Marge said, “Everyone has a brand by design or by default”.  She kept the conversation interactive, we “goggled” our name and shared what our brand said about us. Do you want to know how to develop your leadership skills, have a personal brand by design and an impactful elevator speech? Marge said it starts with, telling your story, uncovering your authentic purpose, your value and a clear, concise and powerful tagline.  If you were not there, you missed a powerful conversation with the tools to craft your brand and grow in your leadership skills, you need to commit to attending the next Lunch & Learn Session, Branding with Marge Jackson, Part 2.  Hope to see you there…

Ros Prewitt