16 Nov

November 2022 Sponsor Spotlight: Tammy Simonetti

Meet our Faces of The WICT Network Tammy Simonetti: VP Digital Solutions, V-Soft Consulting What do you love most about your job? Solving critical challenges for our customers as they navigate their digital transformation journey.  As a trusted ServiceNow Elite Partner, it’s been rewarding to deliver intelligent and automated service delivery experiences across our client base. In addition, providing exceptional career opportunities for our consultants within our impressive portfolio of clients! What are the biggest obstacles you see for young women in the...

12 Aug

August DEI Blog Post

83 cents do not equal 1 dollar—We have work to do! On August 26th, we celebrate women receiving the legal right to vote in the U.S. Our rights as women to have a voice in what happens to our nation began back in 1878. A bill detailing the 19th constitutional amendment was introduced to the legislature and from there was stalled for 42 years.  It wasn’t until 1920 that it was ratified and that was due in great part to...

12 Aug

Did You Know?

‘Ultra-broadband’: scientists achieve the world’s fastest internet speeds ever. London scientists build ‘ultra broadband nearly three million times faster’ than UK home fibre optic internet connections. The research leader at UCL who amplified the way light carries data said achieving supercharged transfer speeds was key to providing a ‘backbone’ for demanding 5G networks powering driverless cars and smart cities https://www.uswitch.com/broadband/news/2020/08/Ultra-broadband-the-worlds-fastest-internet-speeds-ever/ ...

11 Aug

August 2022 Sponsor Spotlight: Melissa Harris

Meet our Faces of The WICT Network Melissa Harris: CEO & Chief Learning Officer, Telecom Training Corporation What do you love most about your job? I love seeing the spark in someone’s eyes the moment they learn something new during my training workshops and speeches. As a dedicated life-long learner, I love being able to use my passions of research, writing, training, and speaking to help others learn new knowledge and how to sell, support and troubleshoot new technologies using effective communication...

19 Jul

Did You Know?

July 1 marked the anniversary of the first international phone call, which was placed in 1881! The first call was between St. Stephen (Canada) and Calais (United States). Western Union had installed the first telephone exchange in St. Stephen two years before using Edison’s systems, and a few days later Dominion Telegraph installed a competing, but incompatible exchange. Both merged into Bell Telephone several years later, and the first international phone lines were set up. http://www.famousdaily.com/history/worlds-first-international-telephone-call.html ...

21 Jun

Did You Know?

June 23 is International Women in Engineering Day! Did you know that since 1982, women have earned almost 10 million more college degrees than men? But even though women are earning more degrees, a 2018 survey revealed that only 15% of engineers are women.  International Women in Engineering Day is a celebration of Women’s careers, interests and achievements. Learn More ...

DE&I June Image
15 Jun

DE&I : June Celebrations

From Overlooked to Celebrated! In June, we celebrate unique American experiences that, in the past, we may never have been able to celebrate. We took time to connect with these communities and their allies to learn about what these celebrations mean to them. Our membership and our WICT allies share stories of celebration, honoring those that have gone before us, and the fortitude of what it means to experience the America of yesterday and today while we share our stories for continued...

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