In your everyday life, a minute might not seem like much.

But when it comes to the vast scale of the internet, a minute goes by much further than you ever could have imagined. That’s because the internet has a degree of scale that our linear human brains are unaccustomed to operating on.

60 seconds online infographic

The numbers for these services are so enormous that they can only be shown using the 60 second time scale.

Any bigger, and our brains can’t even process these massive quantities in any useful capacity. Here are just a few key numbers scaled to a monthly basis, for fun:

42,033,600,000 Facebook logins
159,840,000,000 Google searches
1,641,600,000,000 WhatsApp messages sent
8,078,400,000,000 emails sent

The biggest and most noticeable jump from 2017 comes in Netflix hours watched – 70,017 to 266,000! In December it was announced by Netflix that users were watching approximately 140 million hours per day. This works out to roughly 100,000 hours per minute according to our math, which is still mind-boggling.

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Parts of this article were taken from and Cumulus Media (Lori Lewis).