Our annual fundraiser, WICT Philly Gives Back, will take place on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at Hyatt at the The Bellevue. Registration is forthcoming. WICT Philly Gives Back (WPGB), raises funds for our own chapter’s scholarships as well as for Girls Inc. by holding an elegant dinner with a silent auction of donated items from our WICT Sponsors.

WPGB is also an opportunity for the chapter to recognize outstanding women in the cable industry who are making a difference and paving the way for future women leaders during our Leadership Award ceremony that takes place at the event. Award nominations are now being accepted. We will be recognizing four amazing women with Catalyst, Educator, Inspire & Communicator Awards.

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Nominations will be open until June 30th.

The Senior Executive Award levels are for VPs and above. The categories are:

The Catalyst Award – Pillar. Role Model. Respect. Authenticity. Beacon. This is a C-suite executive firing on all cylinders. Smart, efficient, effective and charismatic. She’s raised the bar and mentored many, commanding respect, taking initiative and fostering diversity on all levels.
Past Winners: Sharon Desmond (2016), Tracy Pitcher (2015), Jennifer Gaiski (2014), and D’Arcy Rudnay (2013) 

The Educator Award – Internal Champion. Connect/Listen. Expert. Mentor. Leader. This is a behind the scenes power player who has helped many to the next level of achievement, the uber mentor, the “concigliere” to her colleagues and subordinates on work and life/balance. Committed to her job…and to those around her to achieve the best possible outcome.
Past Winners: Peggy Gionta (2016), Theresa Hennesy (2015), Lisa Blackshear (2014), and Nancy Beacham (2013) 

The Rising Leader Award Levels are for Executive Director Level and Below. The categories are:

The Inspire Award – Champion. Impresario. Producer. Enthusiast. Resource. Tireless. This is a Leader-in-training who demonstrates a dynamic and resourceful style that produces results. An inspiration to co-workers with smart, fearless, strategic approach to challenges. Able to rally people around a challenge or goal.
Past Winners: Marge Jackson (2016), Zenita Henderson (2015), Maletta Vance (2014), and Marie Robinson (2013) 

The Communicator Award – Articulate. Visionary. Conviction. Passion. This woman is an inspiration to all she comes into contact with. She is a top notch negotiator. Empathetic, yet powerful, in both speech and written word. Communicates vision and enthusiasm. Great team leader.
Past Winners: Yvette Thornton (2016), Jacquelyn Smith (2015), Jodi Freidman (2014), and Sonya Dore (2013)

Click here to nominate someone today!
Nominations will be open until June 30th.