Open Board Positions

The WICT Philadelphia Board has the following open positions available for 2019.  The Succession Planning Committee will review all applications thru 12/11/2018 and will announce results shortly thereafter.   If you have any questions after reviewing the role and board expectations, please contact: Lisa Vetere  (; 215-286-4264)

Apply Here!

Applications are due by EOD Tuesday, December 11. 

Operations Chair:
  • Manages the overall planning and execution of financial operations for the Chapter, working in partnership with the Chapter President, Vice President and/or Executive board to set program strategy for the year.
  • Provides leadership and guidance to Treasurers for overall finance and financial records of the chapter. As part of this function, provides oversight,  leadership and direction for all financial activities and deliverables to include (not limited to):
    • Annual budget and strategic plan
    • WICT National’s deliverables
    • All chapter bank accounts
    • Thorough planning, monitoring and working with the board, assures that adequate resources are available to fund chapter programs
    • Participates in Executive Board meetings and/or conference calls, as necessary.
    • Works with incoming president and treasurers to assure smooth transition of financial matters.
    • As a member of the Executive Board, participates in Chapter spending decisions.
Co-Tech It Out Director:
  • Set program strategy and calendar for the year, ensuring programs are properly aligned with the Model Chapter Business Plan and oriented to the programming needs of the members and of the industry
  • Create and submit an annual program budget to Treasurer and President
  • Develop and execute events/workshops for members to learn about the latest technologies.
  • Develop outreach events to local universities and schools to educate students on technology within the cable telecommunications industry.
  • Submit all communications inputs to Communication Chair to meet communication timelines.
  • Create and monitor a formal feedback process for programs. Collect feedback (i.e. surveys) from participants and use data to improve processes, streamline efficiencies and gauge program success.
  • Ensure post program reports, event pictures and other relevant information is sent to WICT National.
Co-Programming Director:
  • Manages the overall planning and execution of Chapter programming at annual events with Co-Programming Director, working in partnership with the Chapter President, Vice President, Programming Chair and/or Executive board to set program strategy for the year.
  • Sets guidelines and processes for Chapter programs and monitors progress, working with programming volunteer committee. Holds regularly scheduled meetings with all programming volunteers.
  • Creates the Chapter programs calendar for the year ensuring programs are oriented to the programming needs of the chapter.
  • Creates and submits an annual program budget.
  • Ensures marketing and communication of programs are completed on a timely basis. Ensures post program reports, event pictures and other relevant information is sent to WICT National for review.
  • Works in collaboration with the chapter president to prepare and distribute agenda in a timely manner for all Board meetings (including executive board meetings).
  • Maintains, files, and distributes minutes of all Board meetings (including executive board meetings). *If the secretary cannot be present at any meeting, he/she ensures proxy is able to keep minutes. Asks for motion to read/approve minutes.
  • Works in collaboration with the chapter president to process all/any ad-hoc communications to chapter members or to board members as directed by chapter president.
  • Coordinates timely submission of chapter documents for submission to National tracking points earned for the year.
  • Maintains volunteer list and call for volunteers to assist with Programming events throughout the year.

Junior Board Member

(3 available – Communications, Operations and Chapter Relations)

Mission of the Junior Board is to support the overall mission and activities of WICT Philly by acting as ambassadors and developing leadership skills to become the next generation of Directors.

Why join the Junior Board?
  • Learn more and support WICT’s critical work in the industry
  • Develop leadership skills and the potential to join the WICT Philly Board of Directors in the future
  • Gain a high quality, organized and focused volunteer experience
  • Learn to collaborate and communicate with people across various levels of management
  • Enhance your professional network
What do Junior Board Members do?
  • Learn how to conduct meetings
  • Membership Outreach
  • Public Speaking
  • Group decision-making
  • Develop project ideas
  • Display an extraordinary commitment to and be enthusiastic for WICT’s mission
  • Attend at least two WICT Philly events annually
  • Attend regularly scheduled Junior Board meetings, and additional committee meetings as needed
  • Pay annual membership dues
  • Actively participate in a Junior Board Committee (TBD)
  • Participate as a volunteer to plan, sell tickets and execute at least 2 major events
  • Volunteer time as available and recruit additional assistance for activities

WICT Philadelphia Board Participation Expectations:
Overall Expectations:
  • Own your Position and approach tasks with a can do attitude
  • Be respectful of each other and of each other’s time. Lend a hand and assist fellow Board Members whenever necessary.
  • Act as a resource for members, sponsors and potential members and sponsors about the organization
  • Build a committee of volunteers to assist in accomplishing the goals of the position
  • Support membership activities by actively soliciting members
  • Support sponsorship activities by actively soliciting sponsors
  • Create a supportive and stimulating experience for Board Members
  • Be proactive in ensuring a positive experience for our membership and sponsors
  • Attend at least 2 events
  • Board members do need to register and pay for events
Monthly Board Meetings:
  • Second Friday of each Month (subject to change), 10-11:30am, Comcast Ctr/Call-In
  • Board members are expected to participate in at least 9 meetings per year
  • Board members should inform the President / Vice President in advance of missed attendance