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Kira Chrysczanavicz

Programming Co-Chair

Executive Director, Customer Technology at Comcast

Kira Chrysczanavicz, Programming Co-Chair of WICT Greater Philadelphia, holds an Executive Director position primarily focusing on process efficiency, technology, and automation for Finance at Comcast. It has been a 15-year journey for Kira with a variety of accounting and financial system-based roles within Comcast. The opportunity at Comcast began with a Staff Accountant role and by 2012 Kira started her technological venture as a Financial Systems Manager, later Director, with a new team responsible for the National Revenue Share Application (NRSA). NRSA is an automated solution for Franchise Fee and Multi-dwelling unit payments equating to $1 Billion annually. As her team grew, so would her career as the next step in 2014 was when her team took on a $48 Billion a year initiative to develop a new process to record Revenue by Customer Relationship (RCR). This enabled the company to begin to look at their customers from a fresh perspective. This opportunity spurred change within the Finance organization to onboard a new appreciation for technological initiative. The change expanded widely across the entire Finance Organization developing approximately fifty end to end automations a year, using integration software as well as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) where her team manages close to five hundred bots in technology such as Kofax RPA and UI Path. In 2022, she helped roll out a new Digital Changemaker Program striving to get a variety of software into the hands of the citizens or Finance/Accounting staff for simplification and automation within the organization. Her team also developed a process to proactively unlock Xfinity Mobile phones and a customer impacting bad debt collection process for new connects. Starting in 2023, she has a new team, Customer Technology, which will be building automations ranging from customer call queues or initiative-taking customer enhancements to revenue, programming, and subscriber related activity for the company.

Kira continuously strives for innovation in her career, but more importantly invests in her team and cross functional engagements. Outside of work, Kira has an array of hobbies from painting large scale artwork to writing her first novel, both of which come second to spending time with her family. Kira is the mother of five wonderful children and cherishes each moment she can spend with them in their many adventures. Kira is grateful to be on the board of the WICT Greater Philadelphia Chapter and she is enthusiastic about what this year will bring!

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