Mentorship Manager: Megan Mabe

Mentorship Manager: Megan Mabe
Senior Director, Strategic Development at Comcast

Megan Mabe is a Senior Director on Comcast’s Strategic Development team.

She is responsible for leading growth and innovation initiatives that diversify offerings to Comcast customers. Since joining Comcast in 2016, Megan’s portfolio of experience has ranged from privacy and cybersecurity to insurance and health.

For a decade prior to joining Comcast, Megan served her country as a CIA operative. As a case officer, Megan clandestinely managed and recruited non-U.S. citizens with access to intelligence that directly informed U.S. foreign policy.

Megan first learned about leadership, hard work, and mentorship from her own best mentor: her father, who she helped run his auto repair business while still in high school. Ever since that experience, Megan has been passionate about developing teammates and maximizing their potential.

Megan is proud of the women at the heart of her home in Greater Philadelphia, where she lives with her husband and four young daughters.