Meet Lisa Vetere, Senior Manager,
Procurement at Comcast

What do you do for work and what do you love about it and what is most challenging?

Lisa: I am on the finance side of the Procurement team and support both Comcast and NBCU.  Throughout my career at Comcast, I have had traditional finance roles at Headquarters, Division and in the Region.  Procurement Finance is totally different from other finance roles, I am forecasting vendor spend, creating financial models and tracking savings across Procurement.  What I love is the diversity of my job from doing department budgets to analyzing vendor spend trends across the Procurement scope and how these trends impact the company.  Understanding the technology behind our infrastructure and products we purchase with our vendors can be challenging, but also very exciting at the same time.

How have other women inspired you or helped shape your career?

Lisa: I have had the opportunity to follow several strong women leaders. Two women that specifically stick out that have helped shaped my career are Jennifer Yohe and LeAnn Talbot.  Jennifer Yohe has been a mentor of mine for about 4 years and I was matched up with her through a WICT Mentoring Program.  She has directly impacted my career through mentoring and sharing her knowledge of the business.  I have learned the power of relationships while watching Jennifer, she is a natural at creating remarkable partnerships with colleagues and vendors.  I have admiration for her willingness to give back to women in business, she will never say no to mentoring or helping women navigate through their career.  LeAnn Talbot indirectly shaped my career while I worked in the Freedom Region in FP&A.  She has this authenticity about her leadership style that was empowering to watch as a woman.  She nurtured the team and believed in all of us to succeed. I was proud to be part of her team!  One memorable LeAnn quote that pops in my head every time I walk into a meeting – “Take your seat at the table.”

What is your favorite TV show and/or movie?

Lisa: Currently “Survivor” is my favorite show. I love the social strategy of the game and the unique physical/mental challenges.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Lisa: I know finance professionals don’t seem adventurous, but I secretly want to be a Stunt Double.

What do you like most about WICT?

Lisa: I can’t imagine my life without WICT. I have had so many opportunities to learn about myself and grow both professionally and personally through all of the events, mentoring program, Rising Leaders Program, and more recently, the Executive Development Series.  WICT attracts the type of women I want to be around; supportive and intelligent women who inspire while paying it forward.  I can remember my first WICT event which was WPGB in 2012, I was so inspired by the speakers, especially the young ladies of Girls, Inc.  I COULD NOT wait to sign up for the mentoring program and have been going to WPGB every year since. 

Why do you think WICT is important?

Lisa: It’s simple. WICT creates empowerment and encouragement for women in business.  WICT gives women the platform to be fearless and network across the industry.  My favorite touchstone of WICT is KNOW YOURSELF and unleash the leader within you.