Meet Shannon – Sr. Engineering Manager, xFi, Comcast

Describe your role & what you love about it.

I currently manage a team of engineers who build some of the APIs for Comcast’s xFi applications.  I love that we work on a product that millions of people use. Parents tell us in app reviews they love that they can pause their children’s WiFi devices and kids leave the opposite reviews, telling us they hate it. It’s fun to work on something that intertwines with people’s daily lives. 

How have other women inspired you or helped shape your career?

Women peers, mentors, and mentees have pushed me along in my career to be a better leader each day. Sometimes it’s small feedback on an approach or a kind word of encouragement, but each interaction along the way has made me realize how important it is to have women leaders as roles models, especially in technology. Early in my career, I had a choice to join Comcast as an editor or as a data manager in engineering. If it weren’t for some amazing role models at the time, I would have never chosen to take the engineering route.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I’m an avid horror fan. Books, movies, TV shows, comics, video games, podcasts, haunted houses. Anything I can get my hands on. I’ve even traveled to horror movie festivals and participated in immersive horror games.

Why do you think WICT is important?

WICT is a great opportunity to network outside of your normal circles and meet new people who are working on exciting projects in the industry. Last month I attended an engaging panel about female executives climb up the corporate ladder and was able to connect a few women and hear about what they’re working on. 

WICT is also different from the other women tech groups I’m a part of because it provides amazing leadership and education opportunities too. I’ve heard good experiences from others and am looking forward to finally attending a WICT workshop on executive leadership presence this fall.