Meet Margaret! Director, Communications, Media and Entertainment at pureIntegration

Describe your role & what you love about it.

I am a Delivery and Sales Director at pureIntegration (PI). On a day to day basis my role can look very different.

Part of my role is to work with leaders in the cable industry to find ways to drive value and solve problems in their organizations. I do this by working collaboratively with leaders to address challenges with Business Operations, Product Dev, Customer Experience or Business Process. I also help leaders find exceptional consultants to augment their teams. Another part of my role is to execute the work we sell to these leaders – in some cases I manage individual/teams of PI consultants that do the work, in other cases, I perform the work myself (call out to my friends in Reliability Engineering – Go IOP!). 

My favorite parts of my job are 1) the opportunity to solve problems across Business and Engineering organizations, 2) the ability to regularly work with the smartest and most innovative people and 3) the focus and encouragement of my pureIntegration leadership team to do business with integrity (doing right by our clients, our people and our partners). 

I also enjoy the ability to treat people to Coffee at Vernick’s in the Comcast Technology Center – so friends, come and talk to me and I’ll buy you one of those amazing coffees or pastries (plus it will help me reach my 2019 goal of sampling all the pastries in that case at least once.)

How have other women inspired you or helped shape your career?

Recently, I have been most inspired by women who are breaking the norms in business: Women who are boldly bringing feminine leadership styles to their organizations; Leaders who are also mothers who aren’t afraid to talk about their challenges (like getting to work on time, getting to the Valentine’s day party, and dealing with Snow Days) and, who also give appropriate flexibility to help women AND men on their teams in their everyday struggles of managing work and family commitments. This is brave and hard. I also am inspired by the women who are bold enough to dress like women at work– wear sleeveless dresses (without a sweater) and wear those yoga-like work pants (I see you VPs at Comcast walking around in them with your amazing heels- you are awesome and thank you for working to make comfort, having pockets, and looking amazing, a trend). 

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I am a mother of 3.5 year old twins, Abigail and Alexander and one of my favorite things to do in my downtime is to have adventures with them and my husband, Scott. Adventures might include, going to a new playground, having a surprise ice cream trip or pretending our basement is an In & Out burger and playing drive through with our PlasmaCars (Yes, I have my own red Plasmacar! Everyone should have one, because riding a wiggle car is awesome, and a pretty good workout…)

Why do you think WICT is important?

WICT has been absolutely critical in helping me grow and exercise the leadership skills required to advance my career. WICT has also introduced me to an exceptional group of industry leaders who have been so important to my professional and personal development. Also, I know my story is repeated again and again for others who have taken advantage of their WICT membership. 

In 2007, I joined pureIntegration and the cable industry. I had a pureIntegration mentor at that time, Kevin Alcox, who told me, “anyone who is anyone in the industry is a part of WICT”, so I should join. I took his advice and as a result of my involvement, was able to become part of a community of women and men who were actively looking to help pull each other up and inspire each other. I have had access to exceptional leadership training and knowledge sharing that I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. I was able to secure scholarships to sought after experiences like Executive Development Seminar (EDS), the WICT Leadership Conference in NYC, and the Wonder Women Awards. I was recognized at WICT Philly Gives Back event as a Rising Leader. 

The best of all though has been participation on the WICT Board – as a Co-Chair of Programming, a VP, a President, Past President and now Executive Champion where I have had an opportunity to exercise and grow leadership skills, as well as lasting friendships. These leadership opportunities also enabled my invitation to join the Girls Inc of Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey Board as Vice Chair and Chair of the Board Development and Governance Committee. WICT is the gift that keeps on giving, you just need to show up and get engaged.