Meet Tasha Taylor-Igbanol : Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Comcast!
What do you love most about your job?

I love the fact that I am able to support a cause that is near and dear to my heart through my day job: diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is truly an honor to support this mission on behalf of the company and to help us make meaningful progress in this space. As a Project Manager, I can tap into the various projects within my department to stretch myself. One day I could be focused on a communications project, the next I am working on an analytics project, and by the end of the week I am working on a governance project.

How have other women helped shape your career?

Countless women have had a major role in shaping my career. They have served as mentors, friends, advocates, and coaches, and acted as a sounding board for me as I made decisions that would change my career path. In fact, it was a woman who helped me start my career in local TV production shortly after graduating from undergrad. And at Comcast NBCUniversal, there have been an incredible number of women who have played an enormous role in shaping my career over the last 6 years. I am forever grateful to all the women who have invested in my career and I will continue to do the same for others.

Outside of work, what’s something you’re passionate about?

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling internationally and domestically, photography, exploring new restaurants, and spending time with my family. As a new mom, I look forward resuming those activities again with my 6 and ½ month old son when its safe to do so.

What do you value most about your WICT membership?

My WICT membership gives me the opportunity to connect with other women in the industry that I might not otherwise meet. In addition to the local programming, I have always enjoyed the annual WICT Leadership Conference to reconnect with the women I have met over the years across the country through WICT.