Meet Sindhusha – Manager, XCS Strategy & Planning at Comcast!
Describe your role & what you love about it.

In my new role as part of Industry & Competitive Insights, I love the fact that I get a chance to craft the most compelling stories that not only provide a much needed perspective on the landscape, but really identify the threats/opportunities for our business. It’s even more fun to figure out through coaching from my team and manager on how to best tell a story, and how to captivate an audience. If the role wasn’t just exciting enough, the people that I work with make it 10x more amazing – we aren’t just strategic in how we think, but how we collaborate. We’re there for each other, even more now in this pandemic, and willing to nurture each other’s passions. Like they say – find your people and the work will follow.

How have other women inspired you or helped shape your career?

Women have shaped my career and I wouldn’t be doing this piece justice if I didn’t embrace the fact that a strong powerful woman, Sharmila Ravi, has not just shaped my career, but launched it. From a young age and as she was learning how to navigate a corporate company, I’ve learned from my mother on the importance of developing and maintaining relationships. Focus less on what you get out of it and more on what you can bring to it. It’s not weak to give your time for someone else, it’s weak to never acknowledge you should help someone. Giving to learn is just as important as learning to give. Lastly, making a presence and sticking up for what you want/believe in, no matter how odd or unconventional you may appear, is what drives change. Embrace change by diving headfirst or let it take away your power by trying to resist it. 

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I’m a strong advocate of disrupting my personal life. I hate routines and love to try new activities – ranging from participating in a 10-day vegan yoga retreat in Nicaragua to perfecting my craft in acting by taking classes at the Philly Improv Theater. Even during this quarantine, I’m learning to channel my extroverted energy in different ways – TikTok videos, starting my own virtual book club and even getting married via Zoom. 

Why do you think WICT is important?

WICT is important because it provides a space to focus on empowering women – everything from scholarships, networking opportunities, trainings, to events that focus on key issues affecting women in this industry. It’s a great non-profit that highlights the presence of women in this space and brings women together to form a close-knit group that can help serve as allies.