Meet Kira Chrysczanavicz: Senior Director, Finance Technology & Automation at Comcast!
What do you love most about your job?

My passion resides in that my team and I build new or automate existing manual business processes by transforming them with the latest technology. It is so rewarding to see our business partners appreciation when they have been struggling for years with particular practices or need a brand new process implementation and we are able to make these aspirations possible. I have the best team that any leader can ask for and working with them each day is a pleasure and blessing!

How have other women helped shape your career?

I have been very blessed to have tremendous, transparent, and extremely strong women in my professional and personal journey. The woman leaders, colleagues, and friends I am fortunate enough to walk with and under continue to cultivate and encourage me to find my own strength, perseverance and authenticity, all the while providing enlightening vantage points. Many of the lessons are tough, even at some times painful to navigate, yet even when I’d fall, there they would be collectively helping to uplift and challenging me on the future. I can only hope that through WICT and other networks we all find ourselves stretching to be that type of woman in our interactions. Because if you have great women in your pocket, you can move mountains.

Outside of work, what’s something you’re passionate about?

Outside of work I am a mother first, painter second, and writer third. I am very passionate about a novel I’ve been writing for years, and hope one day it can be shared!

What do you value most about your WICT membership?

I value our programming so very much, and to see the faces of our organization growing through each opportunity is inspiring. Life is hectic, and I recognize that I wouldn’t take the time to seek out what WICT provides without this membership, reminders, and stellar content.