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Empower Your Career Path:
Career Development Workshop

Our most recent WICT Great Philadelphia Chapter networking event hosted by Slalom was an electrifying blend of connection and professional insights. The event hosts, embodying the essence of connectivity, curated an atmosphere brimming with energy and warmth. Lauren M. Kramme, representing Judge, delivered a powerful message: women's resumes are impeccably crafted and just need a second look, reinforcing confidence in attendees. Slalom's vibrant, modern office provided the perfect backdrop for meaningful exchanges, complemented by delectable snacks and drinks.

Lauren's discourse on the corporate hiring landscape illuminated trends and emphasized the pivotal role of AI in recruitment. Attendees engaged in intimate discussions, delving into resume refinement and strategies to stand out in a competitive job market. The event facilitated one-on-one resume reviews with Lauren and TA experts from Comcast, fostering personalized guidance.

The inclusion of headshot sessions added a professional touch, with photographers adeptly capturing participants' essence. Overall, the event transcended networking norms, fostering new connections and empowering conversations around job search challenges. It offered a sanctuary amid the tumult of job hunting, leaving attendees inspired and equipped for their professional journeys. Don't miss out on the next opportunity to be part of this transformative experience!


Provided to us by:  Shradha Doshi – Sr. Agile Product Owner, Comcast Product Management and Strategy

Gearing up in 2024:
Morning Networking with WICT

On Wednesday, January 24th, the WICT Network: Greater Philadelphia Chapter kicked off the year in style with its first networking event, "Gearing up in 2024: Morning Networking with WICT." Held at the bustling Termini Brothers in the Comcast Center Concourse, the event buzzed with excitement from the moment the doors opened at 8:00 am.
With over 85 attendees, people sporting name tags adorned with their favorite movies (a clever icebreaker!), gathered to connect, share stories, and discover common ground. Instead of my usual morning routine of scrolling emails and mentally preparing myself as I review my meeting schedule for the day, I was interacting with others, learning about their interests, and chatting about movie selections over coffee and pastries – a very nice change to start my Wednesday morning.


As the morning unfolded, people continued to arrive from companies including Amdocs, Comcast, Slalom, and Pyramid Consulting just to name a few. I spotted a few familiar faces offering an opportunity to connect on a personal level beyond the daily to-dos and tactical meeting agendas. Amongst the tenured members and volunteers, it was great to meet new connections as well – some who just happened to find out about the event by chance and are interested in joining the WICT community!

Throughout the event, the Concourse hummed with an undeniable energy, fueled by coffee and connection. It was a whirlwind of introductions, laughter, and shared moments, leaving everyone feeling empowered and grateful to be part of this supportive and inspiring network.


The "Gearing up in 2024" event was just the first chapter in the WICT Network's exciting year ahead. Stay tuned for more opportunities to connect, learn, and grow alongside this incredible community of women.

Provided to us by:  Stephanie D’Amore – Sr. Manager, Comcast Finance Risk Management; WICT Network: Greater Philadelphia Chapter Board Member

My Climb and End of Year
Celebration of Empowerment

Wednesday November 8th, saw the WICT Philadelphia’s final event of the year. A panel discussion; My Climb up the Corporate Ladder. Moderated by Melissa Merriman of AWS.

The panel discussion revolved around the diverse career journeys of three incredibly experienced women: Traci Gusher, Principal lead consultant at EY; Loren Hudson SVP & Chief Diversity Officer at Comcast and Jennifer Metz, VP of Product Management at Paramount+. They discussed personal branding, networking strategies, mentorship vs. sponsorship, handling setbacks, and advice for career growth.

Traci highlighted her pivot from starting out teaching to a working in a startup, emphasizing problem-solving, adaptability, and courage in pursuing a new path. Coming from a startup background myself, I resonated deeply with the multifaceted nature of the roles one tackles. It's a world where you dive into a myriad of responsibilities, from handling payroll to rolling up your sleeves and building webpages from scratch!

Loren shared her evolution from HR aspirations to redefining her goals, focusing on understanding and shaping personal branding through feedback and vulnerability. Jennifer discussed her transition from journalism to technology, emphasizing authenticity and curiosity as integral to personal branding.

Traci emphasized continuous learning and empathetic leadership as essential components of her personal brand. She also addressed the importance of understanding imposter syndrome and the significance of deliberate mentorship and sponsorship in career growth.

The discussion covered evolving networks with career progression, leveraging social connections, attending industry events, and using social media like LinkedIn to expand professional networks.

The panel underscored the difference between mentors and sponsors, highlighting the latter's crucial role in advocating for career advancement opportunities. They stressed the need for deliberate goals in mentorship and the organic development of such relationships.

Regarding setbacks, Loren shared her experience of not securing a promotion, emphasizing the importance of actionable feedback to drive improvement. Jennifer reflected on a frozen role and subsequent evaluation of opportunities aligned with her career aspirations, emphasizing the significance of meaningful career choices.

Lastly, the panelists offered advice: Jennifer encouraged using one's voice to advocate for team members; Traci spotlighted the importance of not being afraid to ask for what you want; and Loren stressed the significance of caring for and uplifting peers in the professional journey.

Overall, the panel highlighted the importance of adaptability, authenticity, continuous learning, deliberate networking, and advocating for oneself and others as crucial elements in navigating a successful career path.


It was one of the most empowering panels I've ever had the pleasure of attending, marking a perfect conclusion to a year filled with fantastic WICT Philly events. The night wouldn't be complete without dinner and dancing! I'm sure everyone is eagerly anticipating the schedule for next year's events. 

Story Time: Sparking Your Growth, Journey & Resilience

On Wednesday evening, October 25th, I attended “Story Time: Sparking Your Growth, Journey & Resilience” event hosted by WICT Greater Philadelphia. Ricki Lang moderated the event with authors Nicole Faust Cohen and Megan Miller.


After introductions they jumped into a conversation that I personally found very compelling. Authenticity and confidence were key discussion areas. It starts with us finding our authentic selves and rewriting the narrative that many of us have on autoplay in our heads. Confidence is centered in finding what is right for us and in bringing our true self to work. Taking time to find a centering practice can be very helpful in nurturing confidence. The insights and stories shared by Ricki, Nicole and Megan help us to normalize our own experiences. Stories have the power to transform us and others as we have so much more in common than different. During Q&A the questions kept coming from the energized and inspired audience.


One question on resiliency offered advice to learn the lesson offered by the adversity, to control our response, then to focus on what’s next. A raffle was held to end the evening and several lucky participants took home a copy of Nicole’s book, “Improv at Work” or Megan’s book. “Voices of the 21st Century: Women Transforming the World”. I did not win a copy of ether book but plan to purchase my own copies to continue to learn and grow from these amazing women.


Provided to us by: Celia Engman, Executive Director-IS Solutions; WICT Member & Volunteer

A WICT Signature Event

This year, we are thrilled to announce a partnership with Unite for HER, a local foundation that provides integrative therapies to those diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all proceeds from the raffle, silent auction and monetary donations will go directly to Unite for HER.

Please join us in congratulating our 2023 Award Winners!


THE Ally Award - Gina Mingioni (SVP, Strategy & Operations, Comcast Advertising and Xumo)


The Advocate Award - Nicole Bucala (VP & GM, CTS Cyber Security - TPX CTS, Comcast)


The Excellence Award - The Judge Group (International leader in business technology consulting)


The Women to Watch Award - Shikha Miglani (Founder, CEO/Chief Captain, Saarthee)


We are excited to recognize the achievements of these outstanding industry leaders!


Help Us Make a Difference:

You can still make a donation that proceeds Unite for HER.  Donate Now

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