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Level Up

Introducing Our Podcast

The WICT Network: Greater Philadelphia Chapter's Level Up podcast is your go-to destination for education, insights, and empowerment in the Media, Entertainment, and Technology industries.


​Hosted by the vibrant Ricki Lang and Danielle Senour, Level Up delves into top industry leaders' experiences, wisdom, and success stories. It hones in on providing actionable insights to enhance your professional journey.


Each month, we sit down with top leaders who share our mission to inspire each of you to transform the industry and the world around you.

Listen to latest episode below:



Episode 3: Yvette Kanouff shares her inspirational journey and how she makes her mark through innovation and sponsorship

Yvette Kanouff.jpg

We are thrilled to welcome Yvette Kanouff to the Level Up Podcast for our third episode. Yvette is an Emmy award winning leader, a true pioneer, mathematician, patent holder, venture partner, and a champion for diversity and innovation. Yvette's lifelong journey is inspirational, and she continues to make her mark through innovation and sponsorship.


Yvette has a strong track record in championing diversity and women’s leadership in the workplace. She was Cisco’s Executive Sponsor for the Hispanic ERO and creator of its Multiplier Effect minority champion program which was endorsed by other companies like Twitter. She also is founder of The WICT Network/SCTE Tech Connect's mentoring program.

Episode 2: Fran Hauser shares her experience as an executive and how she transitioned this experience into becoming a career expert and champion for professional women everywhere. 


In our second episode of the Level Up podcast, we are treated to an insightful conversation with the esteemed Fran Hauser. This episode dives deep into career fulfillment and personal growth. Fran shares her expert advice on finding joy in one's work, identifying and pursuing passions if they're still undiscovered, and effectively balancing professional and personal aspirations. She shares practical tips like creating 'to do' and 'to don't' lists and narrates inspiring stories from her journey and those of other women she's mentored. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone looking to enhance their career and personal life.

Fran Hauser is a bestselling author, former Fortune 500 executive, and professional women's empowerment advocate. Her extensive experience as a start-up investor and her recent venture in assisting authors with book publishing highlight her diverse and impactful career.

Fran is teaming up with her podcast co-host Bethany Saltman to launch The BOOKBOUND Accelerator.  The program is designed for female experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders ready to accelerate the development of their nonfiction books.

Episode 1: Zenita Henderson on her Journey to the C-Suite, Building a Professional Brand, and the Future of the Industry


In the first-ever episode of our journey into the world of top leaders, we were delighted have Zenita Henderson - a powerhouse driving the telecommunications and fiber industry into the future - with us. In the episode, Zenita reveals her unique path leading to her current C-suite position, her predictions for the future of telecommunications and fiber industry, and shares valuable tips on crafting a professional brand that truly captures your essence and capabilities to propel your career forward. She let us into her tried and tested strategies for breaking glass ceilings and getting noticed in your industry - from your first job to the boardroom. Get comfortable and get ready to take notes because this episode is a masterclass in career growth, personal branding, and industry insights that you just can't miss. Tune in to learn, grow and transform with Zenita Henderson.

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