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The WICT Network: Greater Philadelphia is excited to announce our 2023 Mentorship Program!

Are You Ready To Rise Up? Mentee Applications Are Now Open!

Apply through May 15, 2023!

We are now accepting applications for the The WICT Network: Greater Philadelphia's 2023 Mentorship Program facilitated by Stella Grizont, creator of The Work Happiness Method™.


This year’s mentoring theme is Rising Up. We're passed bouncing back from the pandemic, we're onto rising up greater than before! Let's be like a phoenix and spread our wings together. 


We've designed a mentoring program to help you feel supported in navigating your career challenges and opportunities.  Whether you're trying to figure out what's next, dealing with politics at work, worried about job security, or just trying to balance it all - you don't have to do it alone. 

We'll help you bolster your confidence, master those difficult conversations and equip you with tools from the science of happiness to help you thrive.

Join us as we explore the WICT Principles, starting with “Be Fearless”!


Program Overview:

  • Mentees will each be paired with an individual mentor for a 1:1 relationship-building format 

  • This year, we are thrilled to be joined again by Stella Grizont, acclaimed speaker and executive coach. 

  • Stella will facilitate 3 group sessions (2 in-person, 1 virtual) as well as provide mentoring prompts each month for mentors and mentees sessions

  • The program will be limited to ~50 mentees.

  • Mentee and Mentor pairs will be communicated via email in May

Applicant Requirements:

  • Work in the cable telecommunications industry.

  • Be a current WICT Greater Philadelphia member. To join online visit

  • Be willing to dedicate the time required, including 3 group sessions and monthly 1:1 sessions with your mentor

  • Cost of participation is $120.

Interested in participating as a mentor?

If you are interested in the rewarding experience of serving as a mentor for this year’s program, please reach out to one of the program leads below to confirm your interest. 

Applications are now CLOSED for 2023

For more information on the mentorship program, please contact:

Name: Meghan Horn


Name: Megan Mabe


Name: Erin Skiro


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