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Did you know? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 80% of all jobs are found through your professional network!

In times of change and transition, The WICT Network: Greater Philadelphia is your unwavering ally, embodying our new tagline, "WICT Goes with You." As we step into a new year filled with challenges and opportunities, we understand that the job market can be uncertain, and transitions can be daunting. If you find yourself facing a layoff, seeking a new job, or keeping up with the one that you have, consider us your steadfast companion.

The WICT Network, designed as a versatile ERG (Employee Resource Group), welcomes ALL professionals in media, entertainment, and technology, especially those in transition. From targeted networking events and informative webinars to insightful professional panels and mentoring programs, our chapter aims to empower members and be a dedicated partner for your career success.


We are pleased to offer an exclusive opportunity for existing members* who are currently facing unemployment. Contact The WICT Network Member Services at 202-827-4794 to take advantage of a $100 discount on Executive or Regular membership dues. This benefit is our way of supporting you through a challenging time, recognizing the importance of maintaining industry connections.

Embrace this transition confidently, knowing that "WICT Goes with You" through every twist and turn.

Join us or renew your membership in January to elevate your professional journey. To learn more about our chapter, click here.

*Please note that this benefit is available only to current members who have not had a lapse in membership.

Career Opportunities

Explore this curated list of job opportunity pages from each of our sponsors, offering a range of exciting career possibilities across various industries.

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