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Member Spotlight: Pooja Singh

Meet Pooja. Senior Manager, Finance Fraud Risk Analytics and Reporting, Comcast

What do you love most about your job?

The most favorable aspect of my role is creating the impact by detecting and preventing fraudulent events and bringing a tangible difference. I love having a daily achievement of contributing towards protecting the organization from financial negative impact and creating first-class customer experience by minimizing friction. I enjoy intellectual challenges such as analyzing complex data, solving new problems and collaboration across multiple teams to manage and mitigate fraud-risk.

What are the biggest obstacles you see for young women in the media, entertainment and/or technology industries?

The biggest obstacle I see in the media, entertainment and/or technology industries is lack of representation in leadership. Lack of diversity has led to underrepresentation of women in leadership positions. Another related obstacle is lack of mentorship and networking opportunities. WICT is a great organization which focuses on all these obstacles creating wonderful opportunities for women to network, provides mentoring opportunities from diverse senior women leaders and in turn create path for women to grow in careers.

What do you value most about your membership with The WICT Network?

I joined WICT almost a year back as a member and volunteer. I immediately started connecting with senior leaders at Comcast as well as other organizations. By participating and volunteering in various DE&I events with WICT, I strive for opportunities to empower and enlighten myself by learning unconventional ideas to grow in career as well as help community.

Since March 2020 I’ve learned…

We all are connected and a small impact at one place can create large events across the globe. It is very important to selfcare, enjoy the moment, and live by fundamental values.

My favorite mantra is…

“yes we can”. This is the mantra which I follow daily and teach my daughters to follow “yes we can” mindset. To keep reminding ourselves that nothing is impossible to achieve.

One book, TV show, or movie I’d recommend (and why!) is…

Dare to Lead from Brene Brown

It brings perspective on leading team and organization, embrace vulnerability, be authentic, and embrace uncertainties with curiosity and openness

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