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Sponsor Spotlight: Tammy Simonetti

Meet Tammy: VP Digital Solutions, V-Soft Consulting

What do you love most about your job?

Solving critical challenges for our customers as they navigate their digital transformation journey. As a trusted ServiceNow Elite Partner, it’s been rewarding to deliver intelligent and automated service delivery experiences across our client base. In addition, providing exceptional career opportunities for our consultants within our impressive portfolio of clients!

What are the biggest obstacles you see for young women in the media, entertainment and/or technology industries?

Some of the obstacles presented to our young women in Media/Tech may include lack of mentors and female role models as well as bias around technical prowess and credibility.

What do you value most about your membership with The WICT Network?

As a proud company sponsor of WICT, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities to network and collaborate with thought leaders as well as attend workshops and speaker series concerning current and relative industry topics.

Since March 2020 I’ve learned…

We are more resilient than we believed possible. While Zoom and Teams interactions became the norm, nothing replaces the face to face connection and human interactions.

My favorite mantra is…

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

One book, TV show, or movie I’d recommend (and why!) is…

Ted Lasso on Apple TV because his top 10 leadership lessons: Believe in yourself, doing the right thing is never a wrong thing, all people are different people, see good in others, forgive first, tell the truth, winning is an attitude, optimists do more, stay teachable, happiness is a choice.

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