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Celebrating the Success of Past STEM Scholarship Recipients

Each year, The WICT Network: Greater Philadelphia provides STEM scholarships that support and uplift young women pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We're delighted to share updates from a few previous scholarship recipients:

Trevor Gardner (2023 Recipient)

“I had a wonderful freshman year at North Carolina Central University. During my first semester, I earned a 4.0 GPA. . . . The WICT Network's scholarship changed my life and gave me the support and backing of the local women in the Greater Philadelphia Chapter. The newsletters have been inspiring and encouraging. I am truly thankful for the network of wonderful supportive women behind the WICT scholarship. Thank you for all you do and a continuous thank you for investing in my educational endeavors."

Samantha Lee (2019 Recipient)

“Since I received the scholarship, I was fortunate to land internships at Apple, Marvel, and Industrial Light and Magic as a technical artist. I used my skills in computer science and computer graphics to help develop software tools for tech companies and entertainment companies. Now, I am working full time at Applied Intuition. They make software tools for autonomous vehicle companies. I work as a technical artist on their simulation team to help validate sensors used on autonomous vehicles. While I’m the only female on my team currently, I am always actively advocating for women in STEM in my company and within the graphics industry. I’ve joined a mentorship program within the company to help guide college students interested in entering the tech space. Thank you again for your and your organization’s support! The WICT Network's STEM scholarship encouraged me to push myself in school and my early career.”

Our 2024 STEM scholarship recipients will be announced soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates and information on future scholarship opportunities!

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