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Jennilee Carrera

Membership Co-Director

Director, Xfinity Mobile Product,Comcast

Jennilee Carrera currently serves as the Director in Xfinity Mobile Product Management for Comcast. She is responsible for the Xfinity Mobile Protection Program (XMPP) and the development of their employee engagement for Xfinity Mobile.

A passion for the underdog, a love for start-ups, and a fast-paced background honed from her 14 years as a buyer in the retail industry, Jennilee brings a unique skillset to the table. Never settling, leading teams to look for ways to drive efficiencies and achieve the impossible and give back to her communities.

Outside of work she and her husband are parents to two energetic kids who keep her on her toes! When not driving the kids around to sports and art classes, Jennilee enjoys reading, walking her dog, and traveling whenever she can.

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