WICT Philly Gives Back

Save the date:
Tuesday, November 12, 2019
5:00 – 8:30pm

The Lucy
231 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19107

WICT Philly Gives Back is an award-winning fundraiser because “Giving Back Is Always In Style”. This year’s Signature Event will raise funds to support our local Girls Inc chapter as well as recognize 5 outstanding leaders within the industry.

We are honored to partner and support Girls Inc. which is an organization that encourages young girls to be smart, strong, and bold while also emphasizing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers.

The event will be filled with dinner, silent auctions, raffles and good cheer. It is a great time to meet others in the industry who want to make a difference. We truly hope to see you there! Thank you in advance for your support!

Call for Nominations

WICT Philly Gives Back (WPGB) recognizes phenomenal women in our industry. Their actions and words inspire all, including the young women from Girls Inc. attending the event. Proceeds from the event support their organization as well as the WICT Philly Scholarship Fund.

Do you know a champion in cable or telecommunications? Let them know by nominating them for one of four WPGB Awards: The Communicator, The Inspire, The Educator and The Catalyst. Nominees will be reviewed based on the touchstones for each award as well as contributions to and involvement in WICT.

Nominations are being accepted until July 26

2018 Winners
Susan Jin Davis

The Catalyst Award

Pillar. Role Model. Respect. Authenticity. Beacon. This is a C-suite executive firing on all cylinders. Smart, efficient, effective and charismatic. She’s raised the bar and mentored many, commanding respect, taking initiative and fostering diversity on all levels. 

Jodi Teitelman

The Educator Award

Internal Champion. Connect/Listen. Expert. Mentor. Leader. This is a behind the scenes power player who has helped many get to the next level of achievement, the ultimate mentor, the “consigliere” to her colleagues and subordinates on work and life/balance. Committed to her job and to those around her to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Joanne Sibony

The Communicator Award

Articulate. Visionary. Conviction. Passion. This woman is an inspiration to all she comes into contact with. She is a top-notch negotiator. Empathetic, yet powerful, in both speech and written word. Communicates vision and enthusiasm. Great team leader. 

Ursula Keating

The Inspire Award

Champion. Impresario. Producer. Enthusiast. Resource. Tireless. This is a Leader who demonstrates a dynamic and resourceful style that produces results. An inspiration to co-workers with a smart, fearless, strategic approach to challenges. Able to rally people around a challenge or goal. 

For questions/additional information contact:

Jodi Teitelman, WICT Philly Gives Back Director — Jodi.Teitelman@qvc.com
Carolyn Kendrick, WICT Philly Gives Back Director — Carolyn.Kendrick@ARRIS.com

Event Refund Policy:  No refunds 24 hours prior to the event.